Romeo Fiat Opel

Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037

Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037
Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037
Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037
Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037

Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037   Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037

Valeo flying motor for ALFA ROMEO MITO LANCIA DELTA FIAT BRAVO 836037. Before ordering your product, please check if your vehicle is compatible with this product. Check the information from the vehicle list (restrictions included): using the PR number, it is possible to determine with a 100% accuracy setting the car's part. Compare the OEM / OE number from the car's room that will be replaced.

Consult the technical information of the product. If possible, measure the auto parts that will be replaced. In diameter of the case. Bore Ø / Bore - Ø 2. Angle of the valve seat.

With or without integrated nozzle. Cantidad of Elementos de Fricción.

Charge capacity at 12 V. Circle of percing -Ø [mm]. Temperature range until [° C].

Corresponds to the original piece in its color. Side of the positive pole.

Engine capacity of the compressor (CCM). Ext of the brake drum [mm].

Diameter 1 / diameter 2 [mm]. Diameter of the ring Standing [mm]. Diameter of the ball [mm]. Diameter of the blade wheel [mm]. Diameter of the valve head.

Diameter of the piston rod [mm]. Diameter of the input shaft [mm]. Diameter of the attachment points [mm]. Diameter of the vacuum port [mm]. Diameter of the hydraulic fitting [mm]. Diameter of the flange hole [mm]. Diameter of the cast iron pipe [mm]. Inner diameter 1 of [mm]. Inner diameter 2 of [mm]. Rotary articulated joint diameter [mm]. Dimension of the rim [thumbs]. Dimension of the cone [mm]. Distance between adapter and pump [mm]. Distance between clamping bolts [mm]. Distance between pulley and pump [mm]. Spread of the electrodes [mm].

Spread of holes 1 / Hole spurt 2. Thickness of the brake disc [mm]. Square of the triangular arm [degree]. For motors with steering wheel bimasse. Space between the mounting bores [mm].

Height of the input shaft [mm]. Height of the package [cm]. Framing height of the axis [mm]. ID of the version of the card.

ID of the support version. Illustration Bore / Number of holes. Intensity of the current [A]. Up to diameter 1 [mm].

Up to cut point [bar]. Up to operating pressure [bar]. Up to clamping torque [NM]. Up to the inside diameter 2 [mm]. Up to year of construction. Up to number of organization. Width of the key [mm].

Width of the package [cm]. Length of warning contacts [mm]. Length of the bar [mm]. Length of the rod [mm]. Length of the screw under the head.

Length of the inner arc. Length of the package [cm]. Equipment of the levy lip. Model of circular tree joints. Number of connections for a pressure switch.

Number of test contacts (pins). Number of grooves and holes. Number of radiator fan blades.

NOT FLEED FOR FUEL TYPE. School boiling point [° C]. Moist boiling point [° C].

Pulley for belts - Ø [mm]. For diameter of the case of. For diameter of the brake disc [mm]. For brake disc thickness [mm].

For manufacturer of control devices. For the diameter of the wheel bearing [mm]. For manufacturers' chappement gas standard.

For vehicles with or without ABS ring. For vehicles with or without wheel bearing. Depth of the valve pocket 1. Depth of the valve pocket 2. Reference of the recommended accessory.

Reference of the recommended specialized tool. 1 / min service plan.

Alarm sector [1 / min]. START & STOP AGM Technology. Voltage at the input [V]. Screw head / bolt-Ø [mm]. Type of alternator / generator. Type of protection (IP code).

Vehicle with steering wheel left or right. Volume of the piston cavity [CCM]. Check product compatibility with your vehicle. Do not hesitate to contact us before buying your product by providing us with your VRN registration number and we will check the compatibility of your vehicle. Manufacturer's references (OEM codes).

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    Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037   Valeo Flying Motor For Alfa Romeo Mito Lancia Delta Fiat Bravo 836037