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Pierburg Agr Vanne + Joint For Alfa Romeo Fiat Opel Saab Suzuki

Pierburg Agr Vanne + Joint For Alfa Romeo Fiat Opel Saab Suzuki

Pierburg Agr Vanne + Joint For Alfa Romeo Fiat Opel Saab Suzuki    Pierburg Agr Vanne + Joint For Alfa Romeo Fiat Opel Saab Suzuki
Pierburg agr valve + seal for alfa romeo fiat Opel saab suzuki. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vanne egr pierburg + joint for alfa romeo fiat Opel saab suzuki. See technical information and the table of vehicles. Type of valve: solenoid valve operating mode: electric voltage: 12 additional item/additional information: with seal. Pierburg - specialist in the formation of mixtures in the mid-1970s, pierburg produced approx.

2,000 specialists in theory and practice on pierburg products. In Germany, there was about.

Service 950, in the rest of Europe approx. For the most part, they were automotive electricity companies. Due to emission legislation and associated technical developments, carburettors have become less important.

In the course of this development, car manufacturers and suppliers have had to develop new solutions, the realization of which has required a large number of new products. Pierburg, as a specialist in the training of mixtures, fuel supply, air control and pollutant reduction, has been involved from the beginning in this development. Note on the accuracy of the adjustment.

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Meaning of the battery symbols the batteries are marked with the symbol of a barred trash (see below). The contaminated batteries are specially marked with chemical symbols.

For batteries containing more than 0.0005 % by mass of mercury, more than 0.002 % by mass of cadmium or more than 0.004 % by mass of lead, the chemical name of the pollutant used is under the symbol of the trash - "cd" means for cadmium, "pb" means lead and "hg" means mercury. You have the option of rereading this information in the accompanying documents or in the manufacturer's instructions for use. 1.9 jtdm 8v (939axis1b). 09.05 - 11.11. Engine code 939 a1,000.

1.9 jtdm 8v (939axis1b, 939bxe1b, 939bxh1b). Engine code 939 a7.000 or engine code 937 a7.000.

Alfa romeo 159 sportwagon (939_). 1.9 jtdm 8v (939bxe1b). 03.06 - 11.11.

1.9 jtdm 8v (939axh1b, 939bxh1b). Engine code 937 a7,000.

1.9 d multijet (194axb1b). 06.05 - 12.11. 06.06 - 12.09. Engine code 939 a7,000. Engine code 199 a5,000.

06.06 - 10.11. 06.04 - 10.10. Engine code z 19 dt. 09.05 - 10.10.

Engine code z 19 dtl. Opel astra h caravan (a04).

Opel astra h gtc (a04). 01.06 - 10.10. Opel astra h van/break (l70). 08.05 - 12.12. 04.04 - 02.08.

08.05 - 02.08. 04.04 - 01.09.

10.05 - 08.08. Opel vectra c caravan (z02). 06.05 - 08.08. Opel vectra c cc (z02). Opel zafira / zafira family b (a05).

07.05 - 12.10. 07.05 - 04.15. Opel zafira b van (a05).

1.9 cdti van (m75). Saab 9-3 (ys3f, e79, d79, d75).

09.04 - 02.15. Engine code z 19 dt bj. 03.05 - 02.15. Suzuki sx4 / sx4 classic (ey, gy).

1.9 ddis 4x4 (rw 419d). 1.9 ddis (rw 419d).

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    Mark: pierburg
  1. manufacturer: pierburg
  2. Year: 4028977565991 Manufacturer/Supplier parts: auto parts price
  3. particularities: 100% adjustment accuracy
  4. reference number(s) oe/oem: suzuki: 1852079j52, vauxhall: 93169064, vauxhall: 851757
  5. Manufacturer part number: 7.22946.38.0
  6. product group: engine part
  7. article number: 15972189
  8. product type: valve/valve agr

Pierburg Agr Vanne + Joint For Alfa Romeo Fiat Opel Saab Suzuki    Pierburg Agr Vanne + Joint For Alfa Romeo Fiat Opel Saab Suzuki