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M32 / M20 Gearbox Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Opel 7 Timken / Snr Bearing Kit

M32 / M20 Gearbox Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Opel 7 Timken / Snr Bearing Kit

M32 / M20 Gearbox Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Opel 7 Timken / Snr Bearing Kit    M32 / M20 Gearbox Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Opel 7 Timken / Snr Bearing Kit

M32 / m20 gearbox alfa romeo / fiat / opel 7 bearing kit timken / snr. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation into French.

If you have questions please contact us. Check the seller business info. M32 / m20 gearbox alfa romeo / fiat / opel / vauxhall 7 bearing kit timken / snr.

M32 / m20 6 speed 7 bearing rebuild kit 2011 timken> / snr. This kit fits all m32 / m20 models> 2011.

The m32 gearbox is equipped with two different size entry bearings. The contents of this kit allow it to be controlled before the gearbox is dismantled. 2 x bearings snr high main shaft ec42192.

1 x bearing on the upper drive shaft. 2 x timken bearings main shaft bottom np239750 / np929800. 1 x front inlet of the inner diameter shaft of the 27 mm timken bearing np030522 / np378917. 1 x front end of the shaft end snr bearing 25 mm internal diameter ec42310. If you are unsure of mounting please contact us with a registration number or chassis, and we will check for you immediately.

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  2. modified object: # <\/ li>
  3. country of manufacture: united kingdom <\/ li>
  4. brand: timken <\/ li>
  5. Manufacturer Part Number: m32 / m20 <\/ li>
  6. non-domestic product: # <\/ li>
  7. type: manual gearbox part <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    M32 / M20 Gearbox Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Opel 7 Timken / Snr Bearing Kit    M32 / M20 Gearbox Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Opel 7 Timken / Snr Bearing Kit