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Klaxon Hornblaster 2 Trompes Hyper Power 155db! Watch And Watch Video

Klaxon Hornblaster 2 Trompes Hyper Power 155db! Watch And Watch Video

Klaxon Hornblaster 2 Trompes Hyper Power 155db! Watch And Watch Video   Klaxon Hornblaster 2 Trompes Hyper Power 155db! Watch And Watch Video

The rendezvous of enthusiasts of sport and mechanical leisure, which makes you enjoy the best prices negotiated for you, among enthusiasts! Long-run traveler in 4x4, camper, boat, quad, motorcycle, racing fan, or simply looking for the best negotiated prices to improve and maintain your machine, the.

The widest choice of products tested and approved, unbeatable prices, customer service always there to help you before, during and after the sale, that's the spirit. Travel the planet to find, test and negotiate for you the best products at the best price. Discover our state of mind and our commitments in our shop, here: the mechanical club. Members' satisfaction is our top priority.

Find out why we are different, and also our quality commitments, our ruthless product tests, our events... Our evaluations speak for us! It is also for you more freedom to always buy at the best price! To participate in our auctions all at 1 euro without reserve price? It's here: our 1 euro auctions! Enjoy our entire catalog in immediate purchase and express delivery? It's here: our whole catalog! To benefit from our vip balances visible only to members registered in our newsletters of private balances? It's here: receive our private balances! You want to make us a direct offer? No problem, it's here: direct offers!

On behalf of the whole team. Thank you for your visit and your loyalty, welcome to our community and... 1/ why was this article selected by the mechanical club for you? Frankly, here's a really cult product!

2 tubes, mounted on all the trucks with usa, which can be heard up to 2km round! This is the most powerful locomotive 2 horn in the world, simply!!

difficult to find, especially with our demands of power, we finally found it in the usa, the country of. Several months of truck testing on circuits up to 12 bars, we held this.

Locomotive in 12v/24v, both powerful, superb, and spitting out its. Like no other horn in the world! Believe us, it's a great product! 12v 2 chromed tubes, power 155. On an 8 bar compressed air circuit.

Plugs in on compressed air, which you have to. Have installed in your 4x4, car or boat. Really very powerful, tested at 155. Like us, you will love this product, because really, this.

What a character, what a look. Nice business not to miss! 2/ detailed description is the transparency commitment of the mechanical club. By ordering this article, you will receive the horn /. Locomotive 12v 2 chromed tubes 155.

At 8 bars, new in his box. Large size of 24 cm long for the largest trunk, and 18 cm for the little one. Robust steel construction, very heavy, resistant to wind, sand, rain, salt.. Furnished and mounted on the pump, in 12v delivered with its robust support to place it wherever you want, on the American car/truck, or under the hood. Be careful, this tube works with the compressed air you must already have because the pump is not delivered with, contact us if you need a compressor.

Between 3 bars and 12 bars to function well, obviously it is at 8 bars that it is most efficient. You must look compressed already installed. 2 simultaneous sounds, can be heard up to 2 km in the round! Beautiful construction, super solid, indestructible, very heavy, so it is perfect for intensive outdoor use as on 4x4, trucks, boats...

Simple, 2 wires to connect, for example on the arrival of your current horn, and a connection on compressed air, so 3 minutes time! You will find a sample of sound here, mounted on a mitzubishi evo7, that these trunks are not reserved for boats, 4x4, and trucks! Otherwise, some examples of our horns (we are fana of horns and sirens at the club, with more than 30 different models), so some samples in the links below.

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American (12v and 24v) and also incredible power electronic sirens. Our additional products must not miss! This product is on sale to the public. Our auctions at 1 euro!

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So your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are listening to you to answer your questions before, during and after. And a member of the club answers you within eight hours! Here are some answers to the questions that are often asked of us.

What are the brands you are proposing? All our references are here. Our product and brand references. How does the mechanical club work?

The mechanical club was created more than 10 years ago by enthusiasts of all the mechanical sports that have come together to exchange the right pipes on the products, and also to negotiate the best prices because unfortunately, as you probably know, the classic distributors of mechanical parts and accessories have very high prices. With the club, you benefit from our purchasing power and also the guarantee that the products we select for you are first and foremost used and tested by the members. Look at our charter in the tab of our shop. Are you a commercial company? What is your refund policy?

It is very simple, to the mechanical club, you return the new product, in its original packaging, accompanied by its original invoice, within 7 francs days after your purchase, and we refund you in full as soon as we have been able to verify the compliance of your package, usually within 24 hours. Alas no, we subcontract all of our logistics storage and shipping from a provincial logistics center, and so we can't do any self-handling. But if we are neighbors, and share the same passions, let us meet about our events! What are your delivery times?

Do you offer insurance and guarantees on your products? All your parcels are insured by the standard contracts of the post office, and you can, by selecting the option at the time of your order, further insure the parcels. All our products are guaranteed 6 months parts and hand-work, by return workshop at the manufacturer, the shipping costs go back and forth are at your expense. As you can see, we are constantly on the move on raids, circuits, regattas, and often abroad.

So we are not often reachable, and often we are abroad so the calls you make cost us a lot! The club only sells new products, sometimes reconditioned, or exhibition products, which is why we specify it in full transparency in the advertisements. Our photos are not contractual since our products can evolve to be improved. Special rates resellers, clubs, group purchases: we strongly favor club purchases as well as resellers, or even buddies who come together to order together and pay less, everything is here to know more: rates resellers clubs.. we engave to answer you within 8 hours.

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Klaxon Hornblaster 2 Trompes Hyper Power 155db! Watch And Watch Video   Klaxon Hornblaster 2 Trompes Hyper Power 155db! Watch And Watch Video