Romeo Fiat Opel

Distribution kit compatible with ALFA ROMEO FIAT OPEL TBK5076.11

Distribution kit compatible with ALFA ROMEO FIAT OPEL TBK5076.11

Distribution kit compatible with ALFA ROMEO FIAT OPEL TBK5076.11    Distribution kit compatible with ALFA ROMEO FIAT OPEL TBK5076.11

Quality spare parts and accessories for every car model. Timing belt kit suitable for ALFA ROMEO FIAT OPEL TBK5076.11. Vehicle data and references do not guarantee total compatibility of the items. You can contact us at any time for our specialists to check which product you need.

Number of tension pulleys: 2. Please check the reference of the original part.

Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effects. If medical advice is needed, have packaging or label available. Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid release into the environment. Refer to the manufacturer's safety data sheet.

Used oil disposal instructions It is noted that in accordance with our legal obligation, we will accept used combustion engine or transmission oils, oil filters, and oil-containing waste regularly generated during oil changes in the quantities purchased from us free of charge for the purpose of proper disposal. Return location: Goldene Meile 4b Halle (G/1/94) 53498 Bad Breisig Germany. Return times: Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 17:00.

You can personally deliver the used oil or oil filters and oil-containing waste generated during oil changes during opening hours. Alternatively, you can choose to ship by post at your expense. Please ensure that used oil is labeled as dangerous goods when sending and use appropriate containers.

Please inform yourself about further possible restrictions on postal shipping due to the regulations of the GGVSEB (Dangerous Goods Road, Rail, and Inland Waterway Transport Regulations). Battery disposal instructions The following notice is aimed at those who use batteries or products with built-in batteries and do not resell them in the form they were delivered to them (end users). I Free return of used batteries Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste.

You are legally obligated to return used batteries for proper disposal. You can return used batteries to a municipal collection point or local retailer.

We, as battery distributors, are also obligated to take back used batteries, with our obligation limited to the type of used batteries we carry or have carried as new batteries in our range. II Meaning of battery symbols Batteries are marked with a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol.

This symbol indicates that batteries must not be disposed of in household waste. For batteries containing more than 0.0005% by mass of mercury, more than 0.002% by mass of cadmium, or more than 0.004% by mass of lead, the chemical designation of the respective pollutant used is indicated below the bin symbol - "Cd" for cadmium, "Pb" for lead, and "Hg" for mercury. III Starter batteries When selling starter batteries, the following special conditions apply: The seller is obliged according to § 10 BattG to collect a deposit of €7.50 including VAT from end users if the end user does not return a used starter battery to the seller at the time of purchasing a new starter battery. This deposit fee is included in the purchase price. The deposit will ONLY be refunded if you return a vehicle used battery directly to us.

Return of your vehicle used battery is possible, generally cannot be sent by mail or courier service, as this is hazardous material. Refund of the deposit is excluded if you dispose of the battery through third parties.

Alternatively, you can dispose of the used battery free of charge at the recycling centers or recycling centers near you. Return location: Goldene Meile 4b Halle (G/1/94) 53498 Bad Breisig Germany Return times: Mon to Fri: 8 am to 5 pm.

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Distribution kit compatible with ALFA ROMEO FIAT OPEL TBK5076.11    Distribution kit compatible with ALFA ROMEO FIAT OPEL TBK5076.11