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Car Radio Fiat 500l 6.2 Gps Touch Mp3 / Sd / Usb / DVD / Bluetooth / Rds /

Car Radio Fiat 500l 6.2 Gps Touch Mp3 / Sd / Usb / DVD / Bluetooth / Rds /

Car Radio Fiat 500l 6.2 Gps Touch Mp3 / Sd / Usb / DVD / Bluetooth / Rds /   Car Radio Fiat 500l 6.2 Gps Touch Mp3 / Sd / Usb / DVD / Bluetooth / Rds /

For radio Fiat 500l 6.2 gps touch MP3 / SD / USB / DVD / Bluetooth / RDS /. This product has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Support and warranty 24 months italy. I received emits regular / tax bill. Package consists of a car kit and a mask for universal car radio +. The combination has been tested, the end result is guaranteed. CANbus control unit for the steering wheels controls: 90.

Reversing camera with license plate holder: 49.90 wifi wireless kit for rear camera: 39,90 terrestrial digital television decoder: 1 standard parking sensor 39.90: 29.90 (with additional LCD display). Kit professional sensor: 59.90 (different colors, the distance is displayed on the screen). For information or to request a quote! Radios are managed with the following logistical process.

If in stock, they are treated in 24/48 hours. If available from the supplier will be ordered and sent to the client. This process can take up to 10-15 days. In some cases, to speed up deliveries, we can send them directly to the supplier.

We ask you not to let negative comments. For delays or for deliveries of third parties, this section has the sole purpose of informing you of the possibility of different expeditions and you are free to buy or not, but if you buy it, it means you are to agree with the above. Shipments are made in different ways, as explained in the previous paragraph. Generally, orders are shipped directly from external suppliers or direct delivery mode. Deadlines vary according to Article originally, which can also be done.

We provide billing on all purchases indicated as \Warranty, returns and refunds. Make sure you buy the unit compatible with your car, we will not accept returns for negligence and improper purchases. If you are unsure, contact us before you buy! We offer a 24 month warranty on each product designated as new in our catalog.

In these cases, simply contact us to explain the failure or the wrong product received. We will arrange the product return with replacement or refund the item unusable. You have 120 days to open it, then wait a first agreement with the seller, you will see that there will be no need.

Incorrect purchase if you notice that you bought the wrong product (your erorre, for example), do not panic, you can always return it, but only in the case of a sealed ensuitement product. The return is always the responsibility of the buyer. Billing you can ask invoicing of all products listed in our catalog.

New technology + All-in-One + competitive price + mtk3360 CPU 800 high quality MHz, dual-core, 256MB of RAM, video 1080 v RMVB, supports the latest 10-band equalizer, 3g wcdma internet vmcd - - Virtual changer 10 cd, bluetooth download-bp bp and-search, steering wheel, 6 built-in games, a calculator, a logo 102 starter units, 10 preloaded wallpapers and allows to update the wallpaper user, display iPod playlists / iphone 4/5 / iPad and read. 10 cd in your SD / usb1 / USB2 playing -Slide dropicons and the position of icons can be changed at will support -gpsnavigation, dune SD Card 8GB gps antenna included.

Zonefunction dual, rear passengers can watch DVDs or TV while driver can use GPS -take charge Bluetooth hands-freefunction, integrated microphone on the front. General -Power: DC 12V permissible range: 10.8 -14. 5 current -max 10 has -key backlight color: blue -install dimensions: 178 mm 153 100 mm -size package: 300 mm 230 mm 180 mm -Weight: 3.5 kg -weight net.

Touch Screen 6.2 inch -resolution: rgb 800 480 -clock and calendar: yes -Built in games: yes, built in 6 games -Built in Calculator: yes -Screen Saver: yes, you can set it to 15 s / 30 s / 60 s -Wallpaper screensaver: yes, 10 default choice, you can download images for yourself -bootlogo: yes, 102 logos for your choice -make drag and drop icon, yes, the position icons can be changed at will -change the backlight: yes, you can choose day / night and adjustable -a single button to blank screen: yes, put off the display, but sound-digital or evening analog: digital touch screen, very bright. Bluetooth Setup: automatic response: on / off, auto connect: yes / no -navigate setup: Mixed Volume / training in ships where setting -eq setup: support the latest 10 band eq -configuration: User / flat / rock / pop / jazz / class -installation video: yes setup - rds: yes -setup wheel: yes -setup date / time: time / date / week / time schedule or adjustable time gps -usine setup: yes, the code is 3721.

Gps -exploitation system: microsoft windows this. Net 6.0 -CPU: mtk3360 800mhz, dual core ARM11 + arm9 -RAM: 256 MB of external memory -size: can be extended to 32GB -Support map: Sygic, IGO, Garmin and so on -free 8 gb sd card included: yes -GPS operation menu languages: English / Chinese / German / french / Spanish / Dutch / Hungarian / Czech / Danish / Norwegian / Portuguese / Italian / Finnish / Romanian / Polish / Russian / Swedish voice -guidage: yes -vues 2D / 3D card support: yes -function dual Zone: yes.

Handguards free Bluetooth: yes -a2dp (Bluetooth Stereo Music): Yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth built -Microphone: yes -Upload directory: yes, can download phonebook from mobile phone to this unit -search directory: yes just input the first letter of the name, you will find some associated names. -Tv TV Tuner: Analog TV system -tv: PAL / NTSC / SECAM -The preset stations: 100 -tv antenna port: yes, at the back. 0.05 mhz (eu) /. Ipod / Iphone 4/5-compatible with iphone / ipad / ipod: Yes 4/5 load iphone / ipad / ipod: yes -see playlist: yes -Built in iPod audio decoder yes, just connect to uSB2 port to play -Control iPhone from DVD player: yes -support iPhone vidoe input: no, but you can buy a video cable es128 to support this Func. Usb -position: usb1 USB2 on the front, at the back of the handset -capacity: 16 go -support MP5 Video: Yes, supports 1080p rmvb video -Touch Title to play music directly: yes. Sd -position: front panel -capacity: 16 go -support MP5 Video: Yes, supports 1080p rmvb video -Touch Title to play music directly: ye another -3 g wcdma ready: yes -vmcd: yes, the 10-games support virtual CDs: 6 built in -calculatrice games: yes -Calendar yes. Contribution -to video in: a video -Camera in: a -iPod of: an audio -to by: r / l -tv antenna input: a radio Antenna -entry: a GPS-antenna input: a.

Out-video out: a -audio out: en / fl / rr / rl / center stereo surround -output: 4 x 50w low -caisson out: a. -Remote control: yes -control wheel: yes -Rear order: yes -automatic Antenna control: yes -control handbrake yes. User -Manuel Accessories in English: a -Remote (excluding batteries): a power cable - iso: an RCA-cable: a GPS-antenna: a -free 8 gb sd card as a gift: a -install fittings: a - pen: a. Es890gfiat, Opel, Lancia, Alfa Romeo (con navigatore). The item \hi-fi, video, gps \ embedded multimedia \ fm transmitters.

\The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

  1. channels: 5 channels <\/ li>
  2. Dimensions: 6.25 \
  3. Manufacturer warranty: 2 years <\/ li>
  4. mark .: erisin <\/ li>
  5. Features: input the animated screen, internal hard drive, Bluetooth <\/ li>
  6. mark fiat <\/ li>
  7. manufacturer part number: es890gfiat, Opel, Lancia, Alfa Romeo (con navigatore) <\/ li>
  8. function: cd player, radio, mp3 player, minidisc player <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Car Radio Fiat 500l 6.2 Gps Touch Mp3 / Sd / Usb / DVD / Bluetooth / Rds /   Car Radio Fiat 500l 6.2 Gps Touch Mp3 / Sd / Usb / DVD / Bluetooth / Rds /