Romeo Fiat Opel

Bosch'injection 0445010185 Alfa Romeo Fiat Lancia Opel Suzuki 1.6 1.9 2.0 D

Bosch'injection 0445010185 Alfa Romeo Fiat Lancia Opel Suzuki 1.6 1.9 2.0 D

Bosch'injection 0445010185 Alfa Romeo Fiat Lancia Opel Suzuki 1.6 1.9 2.0 D    Bosch'injection 0445010185 Alfa Romeo Fiat Lancia Opel Suzuki 1.6 1.9 2.0 D

Bosch' injection 0445010185 alfa romeo fiat lancia Opel suzuki 1.6 1.9 2.0 d. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Bosch injection pump 0445010185 lancia - delta iii (844), musa (350) - 1.6 d multijet. Exchange offer (sale in exchange for old coin).

When you return the old defective room, the deposit is returned to you. See the filing policy below in the description for more details. Exchange offer (we need your old kernel). The deposit will be refunded after receipt of your old defective car part. Please read the basic engagement policy in the article description for more details.

When the old defective room is returned, the deposit will be refunded to you. For more details, please refer to the "deposit regulation" at the bottom of the description. Reconditioned bosch injection pump 0445010185 for. Alfa romeo 147 1.9 jtd(m) 16v, 100/110/125 kw, platform: 937.

Alfa romeo 156 1.9 jtd, 125 kw, platform: 932. Alfa romeo 159 1.9/2.0 jtd(m) (16 v), 120/125/100/110 kw, platform: 939, also for sportswagon. Alfa romeo brera 2.0 jtdm, 120/125 kw, platform: 939. Alfa romeo giulietta 2.0 jtdm, 77/100/103/110/120/125/129 kw, platform: 940_.

Alfa romeo gt 1.9 jtd/2.0 jtdm, 110/125 kw, platform: 937_. Alfa romeo mito 1.6 jtdm, 85/88 kw, platform: 955_. Alfa romeo spider 2.0 jtdm, 120/125 kw, platform: 939_.

Fiat bravo ii 1.6/1.9/2.0 d multijet, 66/77/85/88/110/120/121 kw, platform: 198, also for vans. Fiat croma 1.9 d, 100/110 kw, 136/150 hp, platform: 194_. Fiat doblo 1.6/2.0 d multijet, 74/77/99/66 kw, platform: 263, also for break, case/break, chassis tray. Fiat ideaa 1.6 d multijet, 85/88 kw, platform: 350_. Fiat linea 1.6 d multijet, 77 kw, platform: 323.

Fiat grande punto 1.6 d multijet, 88 kw, platform: 199_. Fiat punto/evo 1.6 d multijet, 88 kw, platform: 199_. Fiat stilo 1.9 d multijet, 110 kw, platform: 199_. Lancia delta iii 1.6/2.0 d multijet, 77/85/88/120/121 kw, platform: 844_. Lancia musa 1.6 d multijet, 85/88 kw, platform: 350_. Opel combo 1.6/2.0 cdti, 66/74/77/99 kw, platform: x12, also for combi/tour, van/combi, platform/chassis. Vauxhall combo mk iii 1.6/2.0 cdti, 66/74/77/99 kw, platform: x12, also for van/break. Please compare if any of the numbers below are on your old pump.

0445010305, 0445010303, 0445010304, 0445010302, 0445010185, cr/cp1h3/r70/10-89s, 0986437094, 0986437046. Part number oem (vehicle constructor).

0819243, 8 19 243, 95521597. General revision (assembled, cleaned, worn and defective parts replaced, assembled, painted, tested on the test bench for several hours). The test report is included. Please make sure to read the deposit regulations.

No cheap imports from the Far East, but an original product, which is used by the ex-factory automaker. Before purchasing, please compare if one of the oem/om comparison numbers is on your old defective room. The recovery of products already installed is very heavy. We agree a one-month return policy for all articles. Please understand that we cannot pay shipping costs for returns.

Right of withdrawal of 1 month. Commercial invoice with tva indicated. Filing rules - very important! The price applies only to the return of your old defective piece.

We will charge you 80 extra deposit in eur until we receive your old defective room. It's to speed up the shipping process. As soon as we receive your old defective room, the amount will be refunded (we usually need 3 to 6 working days). The customer bears the return costs. If you pay by bank transfer, please transfer the purchase price + down payment + shipping costs to avoid delays.

Please note that your old room must be eligible for a deposit. No external mechanical damage (e. No broken plugs, no broken sensors).

The part must be of one piece, i. It must not be disassembled into separate parts, but only disassembled by a professional. We ship all shipments whose payments are received from Monday to Friday before 3:00 p.

There are no expeditions on Saturdays and Sundays. The shipment takes place with dhl (may take up to 1 to 2 days from delivery of the package, but usually only one day). Reimbursement shipments incur additional costs (the package for reimbursement currently costs more than 8 euros).

We deliver shipments with premium dhl. Payment on delivery abroad is only possible in exceptional cases.

For this you need to contact us before. We ship this product to Europe and North America.

If your country is outside of Europe or North America, please send us a request with the postal code and country name. We will contact you as soon as possible if shipping is possible and with information on costs and delivery times. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver abroad on a counter-reimbursement basis (only possible for larger orders on request). 2 working days for Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary.

3 working days for gernsey, jersey, croatia, Latvian, litany, portugal, romania. 4 working days for Andorra, Bulgaria, gibraltar, saint-marine.

Five working days for estonia, monaco. Info: deutsch / francese / italiano. Status of the article and legal.

The product is reconditioned/refabricated which means that the wear parts have been changed, all the elements have been checked for several hours with a bosch test station. The test protocol is included in the delivery. The product has a 2-year warranty.

It's a guarantee of contribution. Please understand that we are not willing to pay for shipping to the other side of the world (in fact, nowhere outside of Germany, we are responsible for shipping costs / all prices are ex-factory). All shipments include a commercial invoice. Please check the oem/om part number of your current defective item. If you find this number in our article description above as a reference number, this is the correct part number.

Please ask your garage if you have any doubts. It is not reliable to search the part using the above list of vehicles. If the part number is no longer visible on your current room, this method can be used. Otherwise, ask your garage to check the room number using a mirror or search camera.

This price is only valid if you send us your old defective item. We will charge you an additional €80 as a deposit (basic deposit) before sending you the spare part. After receiving your old defective pump, we will refund you within 1 to 3 working days. Shipping costs must be paid by you. Please note that the rooms must be refundable. Items shall not be mechanically damaged (e. They are not allowed to be dismantled (only the complete parts are refundable). The part number on the item must be legible. We use dhl premium for packages in europe and ups express for packages outside Europe. We do not currently deliver to certain countries of the high tva ue (e.

Danemark, finlande, suede, hongrie, grece, croatia, portugal, slovenia, irland, pologne). If you pay the difference of tva, we'll be happy to ship you. Please understand that the same selling price for each country of the ue is not achievable due to the difference in tva. For example, the tva is 27% in Hungary, but the tva in Germany is only 19%.

Payments are always made in advance. The customer pays the shipping costs, the return costs, as well as all import duties. Outside customers are required to pay local VAT and customs fees at their local customs offices. Please inform your local authorities.

(mounted, cleaned, used parts damaged, reassembled, painted, tested on test bench for several hours). No base import range of the Middle East, but only of the original products, used by the vehicle manufacturer. Before purchasing, please check if your old defective piece has an oem / om comparison number. The feedback on the parts that have been mounted is very complicated. You can return all your coins to us within a month.

One month's right of return. Ordering Regulations - very important!

The price is valid only if we receive your defective piece. We will make you a flat-rate deposit of 80 euros extra if we have not received it. This is used to speed up the shipping process.

The price is valid only in the event of restitution of the old defective part. We also give you a caution [80 euro] (price of the item + deposit + shipping costs) until your defective piece has reached us. This is used to speed up the shipping process. As soon as your old defective room arrives, the deposit will be refunded immediately.

The return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. If you pay by bank transfer, please transfer the amount of the deposit, the purchase price and shipping charges in addition, to avoid delays. Please note that your defective part must be recorded.

"being a recipient" means: - no external mechanical damage (e. No broken connectors, no broken sensors). The part must be in one piece, c.

It must not be in spare parts, but only disassembled professionally. Abroad, deliveries for reimbursement are only possible in exceptional cases. Contact us for this before purchasing. Status: ricondizionato (smontato, pulito, parti di usura sostituite, assemblato, verniciato, testato su banco di prova per diverse ore). Nessun importazione a basso costo dall' estremo orientation, ma prodotti originali, utilizzati dal costruttore del veicolo in fabbrica.

Prima dell'acquisto, confrontare se il pezzo usato difettoso ripporta uno dei numeri di riferimento oem/om. I resi per i prodotti già montati risultano molto indombranti. Concediamo una garanzia dirimborso di un mese su all the articles. 1 mese diritto di obviously.

He prezzo è valido solo per la restituzione della parte usata difetosa. Vi addebiteremo una cauzione di 80 euro in aggiunta fino alla ricezione da parte nostra della parte usata difetosa.

Questo serve ad accelerare il processo di spedizione. Non appena riceveremo the parte usata splittosa, the importo vi sarà sovio rimborsato. The costs of spedizione del reso sono a carico del cliente.

Se pagate con bonifico bancario, vi preghiamo di trasferire l'importo della cauzione più il prezzo di acquisto e le spese di spedizione, al fine di evitare ritardi. Vi preghiamo di notare che la parte usata deve poter essere soggetta a cauzione.

Nessun danno meccanico esterno (ad esempio, senza spine rotte, senza sensori rotti). He codices della parte deve essere visibile e leggibile. The parte deve essere in un unico pezzo, cioè non deve essere suddivisa in singole parti, my solo smontata professionalmente. International freight forwarders: spediamo with premium dhl (post zone).

The consegne contrassegno all'estero sono possibility solo in casi ecceziionali. Per questo è necessario contattarci prima dell'acquisto. Bosch injection pump 0445010185 lancia delta iii (844), musa (350) 1.6d multijet. This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\ automobile: parts and accessories\engine intake system\fuel pumps". The seller is "autoteilekontor_com" and is located in this country: de.

This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.

    Reference number(s) oe/oem: o986437o46, o 986 437 o94, 0 445 010 185, o445 o1o185, o445o1o185 Manufacturer: bosch
  1. year: 4047024194601
  2. Coin number oe/oem: 55234362, 55237688, 55209062, 552o9o62 Manufacturer part number: 0445010185
  3. product group: engine part
  4. product type: diesel fuel injection system
  5. Mark: - no mark/generic -

Bosch'injection 0445010185 Alfa Romeo Fiat Lancia Opel Suzuki 1.6 1.9 2.0 D    Bosch'injection 0445010185 Alfa Romeo Fiat Lancia Opel Suzuki 1.6 1.9 2.0 D