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1x Bosch Duraterm 0250202036 Warm Opel Astra Vectra Zafira Fiat Punto

1x Bosch Duraterm 0250202036 Warm Opel Astra Vectra Zafira Fiat Punto

1x Bosch Duraterm 0250202036 Warm Opel Astra Vectra Zafira Fiat Punto   1x Bosch Duraterm 0250202036 Warm Opel Astra Vectra Zafira Fiat Punto

1x Bosch duraterm® 0250202036 preheating astra vectra zafira fiat. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

1 x Bosch Original duraterm® glow plug 0250202036 / glp007. Design of the glow plug: paste candle preheating glow plug Version: rated voltage capacity retentivity v: v 11. Length mm: 103 mm size of thread 1: m 10 x 1 slope of the cone 63 key size: 10 mm Torque nm clamping: 10 nm torque nm: 15 nm connection technology: pin depth Installation mm 25 mm. X glow plug Bosch duraterm® original 0250202036 / glp007.

X Orjinal Bosch duraterm® kizdirma bujisi 0250202036 / glp007. Your customer satisfaction is important to us!

Quality that sets standards: spark plugs from Bosch. Diesel preheat systems: the right glow plug for every vehicle glow plugs ensure a comfortable start, a stable cool operation and low emissions.

They wear parts, functionality must be regularly checked by a specialist. If the glow plug needs to be replaced, Bosch offers the right solution for each type of vehicle - of metal or ceramic and having a diameter suitable heating element. Bosch glow plugs are distinguished by an optimum property profile perfectly combining the operating voltage, maximum pre-heating temperature, heating time and the afterglow time to the requirements of each type of vehicle.

Their resistance to chemical, mechanical and thermal high - just like their life. Duraterm® the metal glow plug 11 v Duraterm is a real long-time favorite for reliability and durability.

The patented integrated monitoring coil accelerates the heating. Start in less than 4 seconds. Afterglow up to 3 minutes. Reduction in fuel consumption during the preheating phase. Reducing environmentally emissions up to 40%.

Lifetime longer engine with better fuel combustion. 145, 146, 147, 156, 159, 166. Brava, bravo, chroma, doblo, idea, marea, multipla, pallium, punto, sedici, marker, Strada. Orders are shipped on weekdays until 17 pm the same day.

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1x glow plug Bosch duraterm® original 0250202036 / glp007. Please verify your shipping address before you buy. We are not responsible for shipments lost!

We inform you about our products. SEO services and templates provided by inkFrog. Gmc: 9318 0295 lancia: 46754154. Opel 12 14 040 1214073. Beru: gn 041 0100226 436.

Fae: 74156 74189 febi bilstein: 15959. Meyle: 214 860 0000 2148600000. Alfa romeo 145, 146, 147, 156, 159, 166. Fiat: Brava, bravo, chroma, doblo. Lancia: Kappa, lybra, musa, thesis. Opel Astra, Signum, Vectra, zafira. The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.
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  22. brand - no brand / generic - <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    1x Bosch Duraterm 0250202036 Warm Opel Astra Vectra Zafira Fiat Punto   1x Bosch Duraterm 0250202036 Warm Opel Astra Vectra Zafira Fiat Punto